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9 Hills We Live On

Cincinnati is known for its 7 hills. Renew has 9 hills. We call them the "nine hills we live on" because Jesus died on a hill so we can live and give our lives to others.

  1. Biblical - Renew Community Church believes the Bible to be the authoritative word of God and that Jesus is the Son of God.
  2. Communication - Renew Community Church is a place where everyone can dialogue through mutual communication exchange.
  3. Serving - The people at Renew Community Church love, care for and serve people by encouraging others to do the same without criticism and judgment.
  4. Love - Demonstrating love is the most important priority to our church and without it there is no purpose for the church.
  5. Excellence - Promoting excellence is a top priority at Renew Community Church.
  6. Leadership - We are a church committed to discipleship and leadership training through spiritual and numerical growth as we define our role in the Kingdom of God.
  7. Discipleship - We encourage everyone to disciple others in the world by reproducing themselves in the earth as leaders.
  8. Realness - Renew Community Church promotes small group discussion and realness among ourselves as we share our life of Christ through fellowship, community, awareness, truth, genuineness, and loving dialogue.
  9. Fun - Having fun is essential to our spiritual growth and development and is strongly emphasized at Renew Community Church in promoting healthy families, marriages, and relationships.