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Renew Youth Initiative

The Renew Youth Initiative is a new strategic focus area to develop young people in the areas of leadership, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Through this new type of training, our young leaders will be better equipped to serve and lead in a global world.

Renew Community Church will incorporate STEM (advanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in its Christian-centered curriculum. The curriculum wil be driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning and will require students to actively engage in situations in order to find solutions.

Focus Areas

  1. Arts Enrichment: Development of a youth-lead Sunday worship service
  2. Sports and Recreation: Development of athletic teams and community recreation events
  3. Education and Career Paths: Enrichment and training, marketplace entrepreneurship, academic (STEM) and Christian education
  4. At Promise Youth Leaders: Peer-to-peer coaching, rights-of-passage ceremonies


Our Expectations

  1. Higher academic and life achievements
  2. Youth graduating high school and entering higher education
  3. Youth exposed to entrepreneurship
  4. Youth engaged in summer work internships
  5. Youth engaged in leadership and decision making
  6. Youth succeeding in their spiritual, mental and domestic life
  7. Youth engaged in the community as leaders


We Need Your Help!

For the Renew Youth Initiative to succeed, we need your help. If you can meet any of the following needs, please contact the church at 513-681-3340 or

  1. Volunteers
  2. Musical Equipment
  3. Gym Space
  4. Instructors
  5. Curriculum
  6. Partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education
  7. Partnerships with Private Business